K1 Princesses & Kampers Learn Value of Discipleship

Kickapoo Princess, Kat Haley from Ft. Worth, Texas, and Kiowa Princess, Jen Mullican from Atlanta, Ga., asked to serve back at K-1 so that they could help disciple the younger girls.

One of the big ways they get to do this is through Stunt, a performance that is a part of tribal competition. Each Princess creates an original script along with several dances that involve every single girl in her tribe.

“That’s why we both preffed K-1 as Princesses. We wanted to be a part of Stunt and be able to pour out spiritually to the little ones.” Jen said.

Although most of the preparation is done during the school year, the girls spend a day and a half at Kamp practicing and putting final touches on their costumes and performances. During this time, Kat and Jen get a chance to connect with the girls as well as the girls making friends and memories outside of their own cabins.

Each performance has a spiritual message intertwined into the storyline. Through teaching the girls the script, Kat and Jen have another opportunity to instill biblical truth in a fun, memorable way.

Through working together to accomplish a goal, the girls see the Body of Christ at work. Not every girl has a speaking part or a solo, but every single girl works together to produce an incredible performance.

“Stunt allows for girls to make friends with other girls who aren’t in their cabins as well as building tribal unity. And the girls love getting together to work on putting on the show. They not only have fun, but they get to see how to accomplish something together in Christ,” said Kat.

We are so thankful to Kat and Jen for the hard work they’ve put, not only into Stunt, but also in discipling younger Kampers. 

If you’d like to read more about Stunt, check out K1’s blog post here.

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Tim Halperin at Kanakuk

Tim Halperin at Kanakuk

The past two weeks, former K-Kauai staff member as well as season 10 American Idol contestant, Tim Halperin was back on the Island! Tim led worship for the K-Kauai families and a couple of the other Kamps.

Since working at Kamp, Tim recalled several reasons why he likes Kanakuk.  He saw personally the several different levels of training that staff receives, and how it helps build leaders up, while growing them spiritually and developing Godly relationships.

“K-Kauai helped encourage passions in me while becoming a supportive environment that instilled Godly values in me.”

During his time at K-Kauai, Tim saw how the Lord was working in amazing ways in the lives of the families who attended. He also saw how He was working in his own life.

“For me personally, I’ve learned to prepare to be a father. It’s important for a dad to catch up and to be intentional in spending time with his kids.”

Tim also sang on K-Kauai’s theme song from last summer (click  here  for a free download) and his album, Heart Tells Your Head, is available on iTunes.

We are so thankful to Tim for sharing his talents with us back at Kamp and leading us in worshiping the Lord together!

June Inspiration

We love spreading encouragement through social media, and we hope that you were encouraged throughout June. This summer is off to a great start! Would you continue to pray with us for the rest of the summer to be Fully Charged!

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Kanakuk Daily Photos

We post 1500 new photos to  photos.kanakuk.com  daily because we love showing the memories that Kampers are making at Kanakuk!

Each Kamp posts new photos every day between 10 am and 2 pm CST. By creating an account, you can save, download and order your favorite pictures!

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Closing Ceremonies

We have a blast with Kampers every term, and we’re always excited to have parents join us for Closing Ceremonies – a time of fun and fellowship! To find out your Kamp's specific Closing Ceremony schedule, click  here!

After seeing the fun all summer long with blog updates, tweets, and hundreds of daily photos, we love the moment when parents reunite with their Kampers for Closing Ceremonies!  

Closing Ceremonies give parents a glimpse of what their Kampers experienced all term. Each Kamp has a specific schedule, but every family joins the fun of an all Kamp Awards Ceremony and time for their Kamper to be individually recognized.

Parents join cabins in cheering Kampers at the overall Awards Ceremony. During this time, parents meet the Directors as they honor “I’m Third” Kampers (learn more about “I’m Third”  here ) and specialty awards.

Every Kamper is given a Character Quality award from their counselors. This award is specific and unique to each Kamper and one way we honor and encourage them.

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Kanakuk family opens burger restaurant near Blue Eye, MO

Road trips to Kamp often mean lots of fast food, but here’s a tasty option that’s also part of the Kanakuk family!

John Murry, owner of  Blue Eye Burgers , has been a part of the Kanakuk family for many years with his son and grandchildren all attending Kanakuk as well as some being a part of summer staff for several years. Kendra, one of his granddaughters that attended Kanakuk, is assisting her grandfather with duties at the restaurant.

Blue Eye Burgers is located where Highway 13 and 86 meet on the way to K2, K-West and K-Seven. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11-9, it’s a perfect stop either headed to Kamp or on the way home! They have a simple menu of burgers, hot dogs and chicken tenders, but they are most known for their delicious shakes!

It’s a fun, family atmosphere with indoor or outdoor patio seating and walk-up order window. You can even order to go!

So take a break from the car and enjoy a great meal with Kanakuk family!

For GPS directions, use: 11863 E 86 Hwy, Blue Eye, Missouri 65611

Father’s Day at Kanakuk: A Soldier Coming Home

Father’s Day came a day early this year at Kanakuk. Two weeks of summer 2014 are already behind us, but in one special moment at K-Seven on Saturday June 14 th , Kamp life collided with real life in a way Kamper Cody Brown will never forget.

Cody’s mom and sister dropped Cody off for a week of summer camp at K-Seven on June 7 th . Cody’s Dad, Major Vaughn Brown of Springfield, Missouri had been on duty in Afghanistan with the 1107 th Aviation Group. Major Brown was to arrive home on August 4 th but in a change of schedule he arrived home June 7 th .  

Major Brown surprised Cody at Kanakuk yesterday just before closing ceremonies. Staff and Kampers cheered them on as father and son reunited.

Cody said he had a blast at Kamp, but added, “If I knew he had gotten home I would have said ‘come pick me up right now!’” Cody and his family are looking forward to lots of family time this summer.

Major Brown, thank you for your service to our country! Thank you Brown family for letting us be a part of your homecoming. I think it will be something none of us forget!

Top Packing Tips

Top Packing Tips

  • Use Ziploc baggies! Packing clothes into baggies helps save space as well as keep everything organized. It also helps separate the dirty clothes from the clean ones! Some Kampers like to have a full outfit in a bag while others put socks and underwear in separate bags.
  • Label everything! Many moms use the kind of labels that can be ironed on while others opt for a permanent marker. By labeling everything from toothbrushes to socks, you can help make sure everything your Kamper brings to Kamp comes home!
  • Try sending 2 flat sheets. All of our bunks are twin sized, but not all twin sheets fit tightly on the mattresses. 
  • Send Pre-stamped/addressed envelopes. Asking your Kamper to write home during Kamp is easier when you send pre-addressed and stamped envelopes!
  •  For younger Kampers, we’ve seen moms create “fill-in-the-blank” letters! Ex:

"Today, I got to do ______. It was fun because ______." These serve as a great reminder to send letters home to Mom and Dad!

  • Strategically place dryer sheets. Adding a couple dryer sheets to the bottom of your Kampers’ trunk helps keep things smelling fresh!
  • Extra travel sized toiletries. It's always handy to have extra travel sized toiletries as a backup!

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Write your Kamper!

Write your Kamper!

One of the benefits of Kamp is the ability to unplug from the real world, but we still love hearing from those we love! Here are some downloadable graphics to use to tell your friends and family how they can send you snail mail at Kamp!

KK:               http://bit.ly/1kz6xNq

K2:                http://bit.ly/1ow7TI2

KW:              http://bit.ly/1oXr8xO

K7:               http://bit.ly/1kuMEIy

K1:               http://bit.ly/1mUtw3O

And moms and dads, don't forget that you can email your Kampers, too. 

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As the countdowns to Kamp get smaller, the list of questions can get longer! Here are some FAQs about Kamp!

Q: What time is opening day check in?
A: Check in is at 2:00pm on the first day of each term date.

Q: Where can I find the Closing Ceremonies schedule?
A: Each Kamp has a different Closing Ceremonies schedule. For details, visit http://kanakuk.com/closing-ceremonies/

Q: What are the party themes for each kamp?
A: Party themes can be found here and visit Kanakuk’s Pinterest for great costume ideas.

Q: How can I communicate with my Kamper?
A:  You can send letters through the mail or send emails by logging into your account . Your Kamper will be able to write letters, but will not be able to send emails. Many parents send pre-addressed and stamped envelopes with their Kampers.

Q: Can we send electronic devices to Kamp?
A: Electronic devices are not allowed at Kamp, with the exception of most cameras.

Q: Can we purchase store items during closing ceremonies?
A: Absolutely! You can also shop the new 2014 gear now right here !

Q: Can I walk my child to their cabin and help make their bed?
A: We welcome all parents to share in their child’s arrival during the drop-off times on day one of each term. We request that the time be minimal so that the counselors and other Kampers can begin getting acquainted.

Q: How do we send medications?
A: Place all medications in a plastic bag along with instructions on an index card. All medications must be in the original container.

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