August 2014 Inspiration

Kamp is officially over, but we're excited to head into this next season! We're kicking off the new school year with some inspiration that we hope will encourage you throughout the year. Keep up with Inside Kanakuk to stay connected to the exciting things going on at Kamp!

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Welcoming our Chief Business Officer: John Jensen

We hope you are having a great start to the school year!

Here in Branson, we are getting ready to hit the road to interview summer staff and see Kamp Families. Speaking of Kamp families, we excited to welcome former EP Energy executive John Jensen as our new Chief Business Officer.

“We want every person involved in Kanakuk ministries to be known for humility and excellence. John Jensen brings professional skills learned through decades of experience, coupled with a sacrificial perspective,” said Joe White. “Having leaders like John on our team helps us model servant leadership to our extended Kanakuk family, ultimately fulfilling our mission to develop dynamic Christian leaders.”

Jensen’s vision aligns with Kanakuk’s as he and his wife Cathy have dedicated the past two decades to investing in the lives of youth and families through outreach and leadership within their local churches.

“Faith has long been the foundation of my efforts, but now I am able to use the business skills I have gained over the years to further Kanakuk’s mission to develop faith in others,” said Jensen. “I feel my entire professional journey had prepared me for this, and I look forward to serving alongside such likeminded individuals. 

Jensen earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, not far from the small farming town where he and his wife Cathy grew up. Cathy earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Microbiology from Colorado State University and a Masters in Religious Education from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary.

Before joining our leadership team, Jensen served in a various roles in the upstream and midstream energy business including engineering, finance, strategy, government affairs, business development and planning at EP Energy, El Paso Corporation and Conoco. His most recent role was Executive Vice President of Operations for EP Energy, a multi-billion dollar oil and gas company headquartered in Houston, Texas. 

Top 5 Kanakuk Instagram Moments of Summer 2014

There's no doubt that this summer was the most "Fully Charged" summer yet at Kanakuk! Every day brought great new memories, growth in faith and fun with our Kanakuk family. 

Last week we shared our top 5 Instagram moments on social media, but wanted to share with you here too! Check them out!

5. We love our tribal traditions at Kanakuk:

4. We gave a shoutout to our awesome Kamp Kitchies!:

3. Thankful for an incredible 2014 Summer Staff:

2. One of the best parts of Kamp:

1. Doesn't get much better than  Lecrae  and  Tedashii  at  Kanakuk K-2 !

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Servant-Leadership: Dining Hall Divas


“Others Second” starts by putting “God First.” At Kanakuk, encouraging Kampers to turn their hearts toward serving one another tops our “to do” list every day! At Kamp, every kid can find new ways to serve.

At K-West, Komos (girl Kampers) asked for an opportunity to learn what it was like being a Dining Hall Disciple or “Kitchie Komo.” So, a couple of summers ago, Dining Hall Discipleship leader, Bri Coon, developed a class to make serving fun and teach spiritual lessons.

Dining Hall Divas is a 50-minute class held 2-3 times a week. Girls learn about serving in the body of Christ, meal prep skills, kitchen basics and best of all, “Kitchie” cheers and dances!

Dining Hall Divas has turned out to be a great environment for leadership training and a very popular class at K-West.

“We learned how to serve God by serving others with a willing heart.” –Grace, cabin 10 and Ivy, cabin 12.

July 2014 Inspiration

This summer is flying by! We hope that in the midst of busy summer schedules you’ve found encouragement through our Scripture graphics this month!

Join us in praying for the last few beautiful days of summer to be Fully Charged. Pray with us for Kampers, who will enjoy every last activity and their counselors to show them God’s servant hearted encouragement.  And for all those who have left the Kanakuk gates until next year, that they would continue their daily study of God’s word.

Let us know which Scriptures have encouraged you lately on Facebook and Twitter – you might even see it here in the future!

Summer 2015

We believe kids need summer camp now more than ever, and we’re getting more intentional about how we partner with your family in 2015! One way we are doing that is to create age specific Kanakuk experiences for 1-Week, 2-Weeks and 4-Weeks! Three safe, fun and spiritually encouraging programs that progress with your child!

Is your child ready to have a blast while creating friendships and memories that will last a lifetime?

Terms are already filling up for 2015! Enroll today at or call one of our wonder registrars at 417-266-3000.

Kanakuk is Hiring!

Kanakuk Ministries is on the grow! Developing dynamic Christian Leaders through life-changing experiences, Godly relationships, and spiritual training takes a dedicated and professional team and we want you to be on it! 

A long-term strategic plan has created opportunities for a wide range of talents to join the Communications team. We are hiring two people immediately in these key roles:

  1. Social Media Coordinator - Job Description:
  2. Copywriter - Job Description:
  3. Media Producer - Job Description:
  4. Drupal Front End Developer - Job Description:
  5. Marketing Coordinator – Content - Job Description:

Are you the right person for one of these positions? Do you know someone who is? Would you be willing to share this using the links above?

Submit your resume and brief letter of why you would want to work for Kanakuk to: . Please no phone calls. Hiring is open immediately and will remain open until the positions are filled. We are always looking for energetic talent so even if you are seeing this in 2025 we'd love to hear from you!

K1 Princesses & Kampers Learn Value of Discipleship

Kickapoo Princess, Kat Haley from Ft. Worth, Texas, and Kiowa Princess, Jen Mullican from Atlanta, Ga., asked to serve back at K-1 so that they could help disciple the younger girls.

One of the big ways they get to do this is through Stunt, a performance that is a part of tribal competition. Each Princess creates an original script along with several dances that involve every single girl in her tribe.

“That’s why we both preffed K-1 as Princesses. We wanted to be a part of Stunt and be able to pour out spiritually to the little ones.” Jen said.

Although most of the preparation is done during the school year, the girls spend a day and a half at Kamp practicing and putting final touches on their costumes and performances. During this time, Kat and Jen get a chance to connect with the girls as well as the girls making friends and memories outside of their own cabins.

Each performance has a spiritual message intertwined into the storyline. Through teaching the girls the script, Kat and Jen have another opportunity to instill biblical truth in a fun, memorable way.

Through working together to accomplish a goal, the girls see the Body of Christ at work. Not every girl has a speaking part or a solo, but every single girl works together to produce an incredible performance.

“Stunt allows for girls to make friends with other girls who aren’t in their cabins as well as building tribal unity. And the girls love getting together to work on putting on the show. They not only have fun, but they get to see how to accomplish something together in Christ,” said Kat.

We are so thankful to Kat and Jen for the hard work they’ve put, not only into Stunt, but also in discipling younger Kampers. 

If you’d like to read more about Stunt, check out K1’s blog post here.

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Tim Halperin at Kanakuk

Tim Halperin at Kanakuk

The past two weeks, former K-Kauai staff member as well as season 10 American Idol contestant, Tim Halperin was back on the Island! Tim led worship for the K-Kauai families and a couple of the other Kamps.

Since working at Kamp, Tim recalled several reasons why he likes Kanakuk.  He saw personally the several different levels of training that staff receives, and how it helps build leaders up, while growing them spiritually and developing Godly relationships.

“K-Kauai helped encourage passions in me while becoming a supportive environment that instilled Godly values in me.”

During his time at K-Kauai, Tim saw how the Lord was working in amazing ways in the lives of the families who attended. He also saw how He was working in his own life.

“For me personally, I’ve learned to prepare to be a father. It’s important for a dad to catch up and to be intentional in spending time with his kids.”

Tim also sang on K-Kauai’s theme song from last summer (click  here  for a free download) and his album, Heart Tells Your Head, is available on iTunes.

We are so thankful to Tim for sharing his talents with us back at Kamp and leading us in worshiping the Lord together!

June Inspiration

We love spreading encouragement through social media, and we hope that you were encouraged throughout June. This summer is off to a great start! Would you continue to pray with us for the rest of the summer to be Fully Charged!

Let us know which scriptures have encouraged you lately on  Facebook  and  Twitter  – you might even see it here in the future!

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