Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo!!! | From Geoff "GT" Todd

If you’ve taken a Spanish class or two you know that I just wished you a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!" For others, had I not clarified what this phrase meant, you would be left wondering and confused as to what I was trying to communicate. I am reminded once again, amidst another holiday season, how many people are left wondering and confused about who Jesus is and why His life is worthy of celebration at Christmas (and throughout the new year for that matter). With a perfect platform, of a conversation everyone is already engaging in about Christmas, what if each of us became "translators" this holiday season? What if EVERYONE we interact with this holiday season (not just the ones who’ve had "Spanish class" i.e. “those who truly comprehend God’s grace”) stepped away from our time together with a clear understanding about the true nature of Christ and his love for them?  The words Christmas and New Year elicit an array of thoughts and emotion.  It could be Santa Claus or it could be relative that’s not with them this year who was last year.  Whether it’s lights, trees, presents & family or finances, future, regret or resolutions weighing on minds; wouldn't it be wonderful to add the translation for them this year of the One who truly makes all things new & the Savior that Christmas is really all about?

With that said here's a cheesy challenge / word picture that will hopefully serve to remind us how to be "translators" of Christ's love this Christmas and New Years. Let's "flip the script" of how Christmas is viewed by flipping the word Christmas. "mas" in Spanish means "more". So, if we can think in our minds this season Mas Christ (which in essence translates as More Jesus) in everything we do and say maybe it will serve to keep the focus "less" on the bling of Christmas and "more" on the King.  As we give gifts can it prepare our hearts to share about the ultimate gift of salvation that is available to all (Eph.2:8) ? As we spend time with family could we share of the ability to be adopted into the Lord's family as sons and daughters (2 Cor.6:18) ? As we land at home can we look for opportunities to serve and help communicate through our actions what Jesus did as he came to serve and not be served (Matthew 20:28) ? As people talk about making New Year's resolutions can we offer an eternal alternative to how we can truly be made new (2 Cor.5:17) ? I’m not talking about “Jesus Juking people” w/ non-genuine quips.  I’m simply asking, what can YOU do this ChristMas to offer Mas Christ to those around you?  

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